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October 15 - 17, 2007

Hosted by Chabot-Las Positas Community College District & SunGard Higher Education CCC Solution Center

Hilton Newark/Fremont
39900 Balentine Drive
Newark, California 94560-0564
Driving Directions


  • $175.00 per person.

The conference registration fee covers the cost of general and break-out sessions, break refreshments and dinner buffet on Monday, continental breakfast, break refreshments, luncheon buffet and cocktail reception on Tuesday, and continental breakfast, break refreshements, and luncheon buffet on Wednesday.


Curious about how your peers at other California Community Colleges that have implemented Banner are using Banner to their advantage? Would you like to learn more about new and/or existing Banner products that your District is thinking about implementing? Didn't have an opportunity to attend Banner Summit in March? Want to network with other Banner users to share best practices in your area of expertise?

Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions, you should attend the 2007 California Community College Banner Users' Group (3CBG) Conference scheduled for October 15-17, 2007. This year's conference will be hosted at the beautiful Hilton Newark/Fremont, conveniently located halfway between Oakland and San Jose in the bustling East Bay Silicon Valley. BART transit services are available from the Oakland airport into Fremont and shuttle services are available from the San Jose airport. For those who wish to venture out after the conference sessions, the Hilton is within 15 minutes from downtown San Jose and 45 minutes from the wonderful city by the Bay, San Francisco.

Last year, more than 350 of your peers from 3CBG member districts met at this conference to discuss common issues, to hear about future Banner releases and their impact on California Community Colleges, to share innovative ideas and network with one another. This year, as many as 500 may attend.

Are you curious about products and services that may enhance your college's Banner implementation or make you more effective in your role? Vendors offering products and services to California Community Colleges will be available to demonstrate their products and answer any questions you may have.

The conference registration desk will open at 9 a.m. on Monday, October 15. Vendor exhibits will be open beginning at 11 a.m. and first conference sessions will begin at 1 p.m. A general session at 5 p.m., featuring a presentation by Chancellor Mark Drummond, will be followed by a Hilton Classic Dinner Buffet at 6:30 p.m.

Following continental breakfast on Tuesday, October 16, conference sessions will continue throughout the day, with A Taste of Italy buffet luncheon at noon and a special vendor-hosted cocktail reception in the evening.

After continental breakfast and morning sessions, the conference will end with an All American Buffet luncheon on Wednesday, October 17, from 12 noon to 1:30 p.m., where participants will be seated in interest groups to facilitate sharing of ideas developed during the conference.

Reserve your place at the conference now by contacting your college/district's 3CBG Conference Coordinator.

If you don't know the name of your Coordinator, contact your Director of Information Technology. Each district is handling registration of its participants and will send an attendee list and a single check to the host district (Chabot-Las Positas Community College District) covering all registration fees. Attendees are responsible for making their own travel and hotel reservations.

Although our block of rooms at the Hilton is sold out, we have made arrangements for overflow rooms at our same special rate at a great hotel less than four miles down the road.

Fremont Marriott
46100 Landing Parkway
Fremont, CA  94538 

To reserve a room at the Marriott at our special 3CBG conference rate of $125 plus tax (single or double), go to www.fremontmarriott.com and enter Group Code BANBANA

Driving Directions
From: Marriott-Silicon Valley 46100 Landing Pkwy Fremont, CA 94538 US
To: Hilton Newark/Fremont 39900 Balentine Dr Newark, CA 94560 US

1. Start out going NORTHWEST on FREMONT BLVD. (0.37 miles)
2. Merge onto I-880 N toward OAKLAND. (2.83 miles)
3. Merge onto STEVENSON BLVD. (0.58 miles)
4. Turn RIGHT onto BALENTINE DR. (0.17 miles)
5. End at Hilton Newark/Fremont 39900 Balentine Dr Newark, CA 94560 US
Total Estimated Time: 6 minutes
Total Distance: 3.95 miles

Plans are in progress for an "all golfers welcome" tournament on Sunday, October 14, at a nearby golf course. As soon as the location, tee times, and cost are available, they will be posted here, so check back at your convenience. A great way to get acquainted before the business part of the conference gets underway, and you need not be a championship golfer to participate!

Antelope Valley, Chabot-Las Positas and Ventura are holding a technical BOF session to which all are invited on Sunday, October 14, from 3pm to 5pm.  The meeting location will be posted at the Conference Center entrance.

In making their travel plans, CCB members are reminded of the meeting scheduled from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, October 17, at the conference hotel.

3CBG welcomes the participation of interested vendors in this conference. SunGard Higher Education Banner users and technical staff from the more than 30 California Community College Banner sites will take part in the conference, and we anticipate 400-500 attendees this year. Many of the attendees will use the conference to learn more about vendors' products and services, and how they may be used to enhance the current Banner implementations at their colleges. Vendors potentially interested in participating in the 2007 3CBG Conference may request a detailed information packet and Vendor Participation Form by emailing Kate Scott at Mt. San Antonio College or by telephone at 909.594.5611 ext. 5562. Vendor space at the conference is limited, so early participation requests are advised.

SESSION THEMES AND TOPICS (Updated: August 24, 2007 @ 11:30am)
The following list of session themes (Finance, Financial Aid, General Interest, Human Resources/Payroll, Reporting, Student, Technical, Training, Web Self Service/Luminis) and topics, together with the names of the districts that have volunteered to conduct and/or facilitate the sessions, shows the depth and breadth of the conference being planned for you and your colleagues. Session contents, lengths, and formats are still in the planning stage, so the list below should be considered as a draft at this point. The detailed time schedule of conference sessions will be posted here as soon as it is available.

FI-1 Payment Options - Student Credit Card:  EPOS, Web Cashiering, FACTS, TouchNet Chabot-Las Positas (EPOS and FACTS), Santa Barbara (TouchNet Payment Gateway), Ventura (Web Cashiering)
FI-2 Using Evisions FormFusion and Intellecheck  - Forms, Checks, Reporting, Email Facility Chabot-Las Positas (Lead, Forms/Checks), North Orange (Reporting/Forms/Checks)
FI-3 Procurement Cards & Banner Interface - CalCards and Wells Fargo Chabot-Las Positas (CalCards), Mt. San Antonio (P-Cards Research), Ventura (Lead, P-Cards)
FI-4 EProcurement - EDI in Finance & Purchasing - Emailing Purchase Orders to Vendors, ACH Payments to Vendors Ventura
FI-5 How to Use Banner Web for Finance to Simplify Purchasing, Approvals, Budget Transfers, and Budget Queries Chabot-Las Positas, Kern (Lead)
FA-1 BOGW - Processing/Solution/Standardization in Cal B, Electronic BOGW, Cal Grant Interface SunGard HE Solution Center
FA-2 Financial Aid - Direct Deposits, Student Debit Cards

North Orange (Student Debit Card Pilot - Evisions), San Francisco (Lead, Direct Deposits), San Mateo (Self Service Forms to Request Direct Deposit), Sequoias (Debit Card - Higher One)

FA-3 Multi-College Financial Aid Processing - Comparison of Methods Used - What Worked? What Functionality Was Given Up? Chabot-Las Positas, San Mateo (Lead, Using PII and FGAC to Support Multi-College Financial Aid Processing)
FA-4 Financial Aid Tips & Tricks for New Users - New Academic Competitive Grant Program (ACG), Loan Process, Posting Third Party Billing, Automatic Packaging Antelope Valley (Lead), Barstow, Chabot-Las Positas, Kern, Santa Barbara
FA-5 Automating Cal Grants from State and Back San Mateo
GI-1 Using AppWorx Job Scheduling and Application Automation Software San Francisco, San Mateo (Lead)
GI-2 Document Imaging - Real World Use and Application of Banner Xtender Solutions San Mateo
GI-3 Using WorkFlow North Orange, SunGard HE (Lead), Ventura
GI-4 What's New in Banner 8 SunGard HE
GI-5 Solution Center CALB Plans and Status - (1) What's New in CALB for Finance, Financial Aid, HR/Payroll, Reporting, Student, and Technical? (2) Waitlists, Add Authorizations Codes, Repeat Checking, Incomplete Grade Processing. (3) Registration Enhancements (Add Authorization, Computer Drop Codes, Required Setup), (4) CALB MIS (CalWorks, MIS-Related Changes to Banner), and the Report Engine SunGard HE Solution Center
GI-6 General Survey Enhancement  - Global Solution Center; Other Solution Centers - What are they doing? SunGard HE Solution Center
GI-7 Business Process Analysis (BPA) for New Banner Clients - Full Cycle for New Students: Recruitment - Admissions - Registration SIG (Kari Blinn, Lead), Mt. San Antonio
GI-8 Business Process Analysis for experienced Banner Clients - SunGard HE's New "Step 2" Services to Review Banner Features and Gaps SunGard HE
GI-9 PIN NUMBER MANAGEMENT: (1) FERPA Issue - PIN Number Change, Banner 8 Encrypted PIN, PIN Other Than Birthday - What are colleges doing until Banner 8?
(2) PIN Management, Distribution and Authentication - Roundtable Discussion
Cuesta, Santa Barbara (Lead), Ventura
GI-10 Common Matching - All Modules Except Financial Aid Antelope Valley, Cuesta, SunGard HE (Lead)
HR-1 Web Time Entry (Time Sheet) - CCSF (Gradual implementation for student workers, administrators, faculty and staff) - San Mateo (Background on implementation and decision to discontinue) Citrus, Imperial Valley, San Francisco (Lead), San Mateo
HR-2 Using Applicant Tracking Systems such as PeopleAdmin Coast
HR-3 Position Control / Budgeting Bolt On (Presentation Repeated from 2006 Conference) Ventura
HR-4 Marriage of Student and Human Resources to Handle Faculty Load Citrus
RE-1 Reporting Alternatives - Argos, Business Objects/Crystal, Hyperion, SunGard HE ODS Chabot-Las Positas (Lead, Business Objects Web Product), Imperial Valley (Argos), Kern (ODS and Discover), North Orange (Argos), Santa Barbara (Argos), Ventura (Web Report Viewer - Custom System)
RE-2 Accountability Reporting ARCC - AB1417, Transfer Monitoring Antelope Valley, Chancellor's Office (Patrick Perry, Technical Focus), North Orange (Lead, Research Focus, How Banner Supplies Data)
RE-3 MIS Reporting - Data Repository - Institutional Research (Homegrown Examples) Antelope Valley (IR Database), Chabot-Las Positas (Lead, IR Database)
RE-4 DATA WAREHOUSE OPTIONS: (1) Data Warehouse EDW (SunGard HE Product)
(2) Can Data Warehouse EDW be Implemented Without ODS?  Homegrown EDW?
Sequoias, SunGard HE (Lead)
RE-5 MIS REPORTING METHODS: (1) Report Engine/Supplemental Data Engine
(2)General Discussion of MIS Reporting - Roundtable
SunGard HE Solution Center
ST-1 Distance Learning - CMS Integration Antelope Valley (Blackboard and Snapshot Controller, ASP Model), Chabot-Las Positas (Lead, Blackboard and Snapshot Controller, Local and ASP Models), Ventura (Blackboard Vista, previously WebCT)
ST-2 Enrollment Management - The New Suite From SunGard - Recruitment, Retention, CRM SunGard HE
ST-3 Faculty Assignment/Workload: CALB Faculty Load  - What Has Been Delivered To-Date and What is Planned for Banner 8 SunGard HE Solution Center
ST-4 Class Schedule & Catalog -- Challenges, Successes, Hints Antelope Valley (Lead, Round Table, Best Practices in Schedule Building), Barstow (Sharing Experiences With Class Schedule and Catalog), Citrus (How Class Schedule Drives Faculty Load on HR Side)
ST-5 DegreeWorks (Including Student Ed Plan)  versus CAPP - A Comparison with Demonstrations SunGard HE (Demo of Degree Works), Ventura (CAPP)
(1) Assessment Testing for Counseling - Banner Interface? Presentation by Counseling on Assessment and Student Ed Plan
(2) Home Grown Student Ed Plan
Chabot-Las Positas (Lead), San Francisco
ST-7 Implementation of SARS Products and Banner Interface for Positive Attendance and Counseling Antelope Valley (New SARS Implementation), Chabot-Las Positas (Lead, SARS TRAK, SARS GRID, eSARS, Future SARS CALL), Santa Barbara (SARS TRAK, SARS GRID, ODBC to SARS)
ST-8 Implementation of the XAP Products: CCCApply, CCCBOGW, CCCTran Antelope Valley (Lead, CCCApply and CCCBOGW), North Orange (CCCTran)
(1) Room Scheduling Using CollegeNet (CollegeNet Academic and Events Scheduling)
(2) Using Data Fusion's "Jigsaw" to Create and Upload Class Schedules to Banner
Chabot-Las Positas(Lead), Kern
ST-10 Contacting Students via Email, Text Messaging, Instant Messaging & Auto Phone Calling Antelope Valley (Listserv for Text Messaging for Emergency Notice), North Orange (Lead, Text Messaging for Disasters)
ST-11 Early Alert System From Faculty to Students and Counselors via Self Service San Mateo
ST-12 Using Students to Test SSB Web Application and Registration Processes Citrus
ST-13 Supporting Community Education Outside of Banner using Lumens (Third Party Software Product) Mt. San Antonio
ST-14 Using ITPI for Enrollment and FTES Projections North Orange
ST-15 Scanning Transcripts and Uploading into Banner Using Hershey's STARRS Transcript Module Kern
ST-16 Using the Banner Recruitment Module (Not the New Enrollment Management Suite) SunGard HE
TE-1 Fine Grain Access PII / Data Masking SIG (Dave Neil)
TE-2 Banner API - How to Modify or Clone for Local Mods SunGard HE
TE-3 Transferring Files To and From Banner via Web, FTP Solutions & Tips/Tricks in Excel - Forum Antelope Valley (Lead, Excel Tips & Tricks, XML Technologies), Chabot-Las Positas (Default Methods Used)
TE-4 UDC - New Architecture SOA and Migrating to Oracle Middleware SunGard HE
TE-5 Data Migration Tool Set; How Student Tables Are Structured SIG (Lead, Dave Neil), Taft
TR-1 End User Training - Banner Orientation and Terminology, General Navigation & Available Features, Workshop for Banner Beginners SunGard HE
TR-2 Luminis Training (Hands-On) Antelope Valley
WE-1 Web Solutions Without Luminis -- Banner Self Service (Panel discussion with colleges logging into their sites and demonstrating SSB improvements) Antelope Valley (Lead, Use of Survey Tool), Citrus, Ventura
WE-2 Luminis (SunGard HE's Portal Product) -- Basics of Portals, LDAP and Single-Sign On Technology Antelope Valley (Lead), Santa Barbara
WE-3 Luminis - Lessons Learned; Options for Gmail vs. SunOne for Luminis Cuesta (Lead), Santa Barbara. SunGard HE
WE-4 Banner Web Self Service -- Show and Tell -- Discuss Features and Experiences -- Round Table Sungard HE

If you have a question or need more information about the conference, please contact:

Jeannine Methe
Chief Technology Officer, ITS
Chabot-Las Positas Community College District
(925) 485-5213 District Office
(510) 723-6698 Chabot Office

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