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October 6-8, 2008

Session Agenda
Monday October 6, 2008
Financial Aid BOGW Automation - Processing and Standardization in CalB, Other BOGW Solutions
Session Files:
BOGW Presentation.ppt
This presentation outlines two approaches to the automated collection, storage, and processing of Board of Governors admission fee waivers (BOG waivers) in Banner. Mike Reid and Carol Linsley will describe an integrated facility that is being incorporated into the California Community Colleges Banner product baseline, which focuses on the storage and processing of BOGW applications regardless of the source. John Webb will describe AVC's implementation of a BOGW interface that collects applications submitted on-line and posts the data to the appropriate locations in Banner. Both of these methods take into account the fact that the methods used to effect the fee waiver vary from one institution to another. John Webb (Antelope Valley College), Mike Reid and Carol Linsley (SungardHE)
Reporting Financial Reporting Outside of Banner using Lumens (Third Party Product) How Lumens reports are used to provide Community Education financial data for Banner users. Gary Kay (Mt. San Antonio College)
Student DegreeWorks Features and Implementation
Session Files:
StudentTrack ST-1.ppt
An overview and discussion of the implementation of DegreeWorks. Chabot-Las Positas is in the process of implementing DegreeWorks for the Counseling Division and Student Records Evaluators this academic year. We will present a high-level overview of the system components and functions of DegreeWorks, as well as lessons we have learned during the implementation process. Steven Bundy (Las Positas College), Stacey Followill, (Chabot-Las Positas CCD), Mike Fox (SungardHE)
Student Banner Schedule, Catalog, Faculty Assignments, Banked Loads, Split Loads, Prerequisites/Assessment Scores, you name it! The end-user will be able to see demonstrations and ask questions to get the answers and solutions they need to do their jobs efficiently.  Together we'll make our California reporting the best.  Come prepared to get your questions presented and answered, or at least presented and together we may be able to find a solution that will make our jobs a little easier.  If you have a special 'technique' or 'trick of the trade' to share, come prepared to share your wisdom so that all may benefit. This session is scheduled to cover both scheduling and catalog areas. Mary Jane Johnson (Bakersfield College)
General Compressed Calendar and Its Effect on Scheduling and Payroll Panel Presentation Lois Papner and Brenda Fink (Citrus), Julie Monfette and Antonio Trepesowsky (SungardHE)
Finance Zero to Sixty! Live on Finance in a couple of months Presentation by Feather River and SungardHE on their recent fast track implementation of the Finance module, and becoming fiscally independent. SungardHE and Feather River College
Financial Aid Higher One Debit Card for Financial Aid
Session Files:
Higher One.ppt
Do's and Do Nots of Implementing Debit Card System Honest assessment of what worked and what we would have done differently with implementation of Higher One debit card for finaid refund process. Kathryn Linzmeyer (Chabot College), Andi Schreibman (Las Positas College), Karen Pena (Chabot-Las Positas CCD) and Alfonso Sanchez (Imperial Valley College)
Technical Distance Learning - CMS Integration
Session Files:
CMS Integration.ppt
Bill Pearce (Ventura), Bob Hughes (North Orange County CCD)
General End User Training - New Trainer Track, General Navigation & Available Features Citrus is going live with Financial Aid.The FA implementation team will describe and share their remarkable model for documentation & staff training. Lillia Medina (Citrus College) & Citrus FA implementation team members
Student Continuation of 1:00pm Session: Banner Schedule, Catalog, Faculty Assignments, Banked Loads, Split Loads, Prerequisites/Assessment Scores, you name it! The end-user will be able to see demonstrations and ask questions to get the answers and solutions they need to do their jobs efficiently.  Together we'll make our California reporting the best.  Come prepared to get your questions presented and answered, or at least presented and together we may be able to find a solution that will make our jobs a little easier.  If you have a special 'technique' or 'trick of the trade' to share, come prepared to share your wisdom so that all may benefit. This session is scheduled to cover both scheduling and catalog areas. Mary Jane Johnson (Bakersfield College)
Human Resources / Payroll Salary Planner demo
Session Files:
Salary Planner.ppt
Julie Monfette (SungardHE)
Finance and Financial Aid Finance and Financial Aid Interface
Session Files:
This session covers AR (Student Accounts Receivable) and Finance (General Ledger) because it's usually the reconciling that all of us in Financial Aid care about! Laurie Neil (Strata Information Group), Margie Carrington (San Mateo) and Velda Long (Taft)
General Using Students to Test Self Service Banner Web Application and Registration Processes Joyce Miyabe (Citrus), Ted Fauce (SungardHE) Fountain Terrace
Student Discussion of the SARS / Banner Interface for SARS TRAK, SARS GRID and E-SARS Chabot-Las Positas College District will descibe the specification as presented in early 2008 to SungardHE and SARS.SungardHE will be on hand to describe what their plans are.
Dave Suhr and Rachel Ugale (Chabot-Las Positas)
Luminis Luminis - Sungard product, basics of portals, LDAP and single-sign on Scott Tuss (Antelope Valley College), Adam Howard (North Orange County CCD), Dan Watkins (Santa Barbara City College)
Technical DBA Tips and Tricks Roundtable SungardHE
Human Resources HR/Payroll Birds of a Feather Tiffany Rowden (Taft College) Newport 2 and 3
General Cost per CRN computation Imperial Valley College has developed a methodology to compute the cost per CRN. Robin Ying (Imperial Valley College)
Tuesday October 7, 2008
Student CCCApply the AVC Way This session is intended for day-to-day functional users who are using or thinking of using the CCCApply online admissions application service. Topics will include term set-up, major management, notice to applicants, applicant queries, follow-up e-mail messaging, rules, admissions reports and the Banner interface. There will also be some discussion of residency and determining residency, and the relationship with IT and their support role. Kim Covell (Antelope Valley College)
General Web Self Service/Counseling Faculty
Session Files:
Getting the most out of Banner INB and Faculty Self Service for Counselors with training and teamwork. Catherine Machado (Cuesta College)
Technical Technical Round Table on Backup Strategies
Session Files:
Backup Strategies.ppt
Most institutions may have already implemented one or all of the different backups like Export/Import, Cold or Off-line backups, Hot or On-line backups and RMAN backups for their databases. This round table invites those institutions which already have solid and adequate backup solutions to share their expertise with those institutions which are looking into improving their current backup systems. Micheline How (Antelope Valley College)
Human Resources STRS / PERS Reporting In this session we will discuss everything from setting up employees, creating initial reports, editing (tips using Excel) and correcting (manually in Banner.plus a couple of SQL scripts), through producing the final reports. Please bring your problems, questions, answers, and solutions to share. Kyle Judson and Lori Benetti (Chabot-Las Positas District)
Finance and Human Resources Archiving Data Methods in Finance/AR/Payroll - Summarizing transactions on monthly basis
Session Files:
Payroll Innovation.ppt
Joint panel with Jon Langolis for the Finance perspective, and Julie Monfette for the HR/Payroll perspective, to explain baseline capabilities. Jon Langolis and Julie Monfette (SungardHE)
Technical Google Apps and Banner Google Apps for education is a free and innovative suite of tools including Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Talk, iGoogle & Sites that is hosted by Google but can be college branded. This presentation will be a case study on the SMCCCD implementation of Google Apps including using the Google API for Banner integration. SMCCCD will be going live late October with approximately 30,000 Google App Student Accounts. We will discuss everything we wish we would have known before starting including strategies, best practices and pitfalls. (Please note: We will not cover the migration of old email systems to Gmail.) Eric Raznick and Jasmine Witham (San Mateo CCD)
Student / Accounts Receivable Processing 1098-Ts
Session Files:
Processing 1098-Ts.pdf
If you only have 1098 hairs left on your head and are still pulling, then you need this session.  This session will review the Banner forms, order of set-up and processes used to generate 1098-Ts. Antelope Valley College uses a third party vendor for printing and mailing 1098-Ts.  Although the session will cover all forms, this session will focus on the generation of the file which can be sent to a third party vendor for printing and mailing. Katherine Mergliano (Antelope Valley College)
Luminis Luminis - Behind the Scenes Curious to know what other schools are doing with Luminis? Go behind the scenes and see what others have done with their portals. Check out what kind of custom channels people have developed and what makes their portal unique. Come see the possibilities and get inspired to take your portal to the next level. Scott Tuss (Antelope Valley College), Catherine Werst (Cuesta Community College) and Adam Howard (North Orange County CCD)
Human Resources / Payroll Position Control / Budgeting Rod Garcia and Danielle Heinbuch (North Orange County CCD), Cathy Gould (Chabot-Las Positas), Bill Pearce (Strata Information Group)
Reporting MIS Reporting in Banner CALB - Key Points & Troubleshooting
Session Files:
MIS Reporting.ppt
Review some of the CALB MIS reports, looking at the setups needed, the criteria used to select the data, and the methods used to convert Banner data into MIS DED formats. Handouts will be provided for the examples covered. TJ Baugus (SungardHE)
Financial Aid What's New in Version 8.0 for Financial Aid
Session Files:
Version 8 FinAid.ppt
Algorithmic packaging and Term based Packaging will be discussed Laurie Neil (SIG)
Reporting Data Validation for Staff Data (HR MIS) Reporting from Banner Julie Monfette (SungardHE)
Student Banner Transfer Articulation Learn how Cuesta College implemented Banner Transfer Articulation in anticipation of using DegreeWorks in the future and for clearing pre-requisites now. Catherine Machado (Cuesta College)
Luminis Luminis and Learning Management System Integration This session covers integrating Luminis with products such as Blackboard and Moodle, and includes a Discussion of the ELearning Connection functionality. Scott Tuss (Antelope Valley College), Bill Pearce (Ventura CCD) and Adam Howard (North Orange County CCD)
General Popsels and Surveys Do popsels scare you?  Have you ever wondered how to use Banner's baseline survey tool?  This session will detail steps necessary to set-up and deploy student elections on-line using BannerWeb.  These steps include generating a Popsel to capture eligible students, creating the survey questions and answers, i.e., choices for candidates, deploying the survey via BannerWeb, and producing voting results.   A live demonstration will be included in this presentation. Katherine Mergliano (Antelope Valley College)
Finance Finance Birds of a Feather Julie Monfette (SungardHE), Velda Long (Taft)
Financial Aid Automating Cal Grants from State and Back
Session Files:
Cal Grants.ppt
Brad Hardison (Santa Barbara Community College)
Student Student Birds of a Feather Judy Pearson (Rio Hondo)
Student Student Support Services - EOPS, CARE, DSPS, CALWORKS, TRIO Antonio Trepesowsky (SungardHE)
Human Resources / Payroll Web Time Entry (Time Sheet) - Round Table Discussion
Session Files:
Web Time Entry.pptx
Barbara Dedo (San Mateo College District)
Financial Aid Financial Aid Tips & Tricks 2 A continuation of last year's highly successful session, this forum discussion will feature a panel of financial aid experts who will field questions from the audience. They will share their knowledge, best practices, and lessons learned. Whether you're new to Banner, converting from PowerFAIDS to Banner FinAid, or have been using Banner FinAid for a while, bring your questions and problems because chances are one of our experts has been there and done that. Scott Tuss, Sherrie Padilla and Norman Rahn (Antelope Valley College), Brad Hardison (Santa Barbara CCD)
Reporting Statewide Data Warehouse EDW Project
Session Files:
3CBG v1.ppt
Henry Stewart (SungardHE)
Technical Technical Birds of a Feather Carl Bowman (Kern), Jeff Cantwell (Imperial Valley)
General Document Imaging - Xtender
Session Files:
Document Imaging.pptx
Document Imaging - AVC and San Mateo discuss how they use Banner Xtender Solutions. Edgar Coronel (San Mateo CCD), Micheline How and Kim Covell (Antelope Valley College)
Student DegreeWorks (includes Student Ed Plan) versus CAPP - Comparison of 2 products
Session Files:
DW Vs. CAPP.ppt
A panel of two Chief Admissions and Records Officers will present their on-line degree audit programs.  They will include information on Banner forms, implementation steps followed and timelines.  They will demonstrate the on-line degree audit. This session includes an update from SungardHE on DegreeWorks. Sue Vaughn (Kern); Darcy Brown (Taft), Mike Fox (SungardHE)
Financial Aid Financial Aid Birds of a Feather Carol Linsley (SungardHE)
Human Resources Applicant Tracking PanelStephens, Connor; Beuchert, Tyler; Gardner, Benjamin
Session Files:
Applicant Tracking.ppt
Chabot-Las Positas will present their implementation process for PeopleAdmin. North Orange County CCD will discuss how they use Banner for Applicant Tracking. Danielle Heinbuch (North Orange County CCD), Lydia Penaflor and Cathy Gould (Chabot-Las Positas District)
Reporting MIS Reporting - User Tips Citrus and Antelope Valley will share tips for successful MIS reporting Linda Welz (Citrus College), Katherine Mergliano (Antelope Valley College)
Technical Continuation of 1:30pm Session: Technical Birds of a Feather Carl Bowman (Kern), Jeff Cantwell (Imperial Valley)
Luminis Luminis E-mail Options Scott Tuss (Antelope Valley College), Bill Pearce (Ventura CCD) and Dan Watkins (Santa Barbara City College)
Wednesday October 8, 2008
Student Waitlists (& Add Authorizations), Repeat checking and Incomplete Grades - in Banner 8 and CALB features
Session Files:
Ban8 / CALB.ppt
Dorothy Marron (SungardHE)

Luminis Wizardry

Ventura CCD is in the process of implementing an innovative Luminis logon wizard from Banner Self Service! This session describes the application and would be extremely helpful to anyone who has already implemented Banner and is migrating to Luminis. This could be a stand-alone application for new Banner clients as well. Dave Fuhrman, Mike Rose, Bill Pearce and Rupinder Kaur (Ventura County CCD)
General Business Process Analysis (BPA) for new Banner clients - colleges and consultants Jim Tisdale (SungardHE)
Student Student Accounts Receivable Tips Discussion on Student AR Practices and Collection Efforts Raymond Chow (San Mateo), Velda Long (Taft)
Technical Technical tutorial on the CCC Solution Center report engine
Session Files:
Report Engine.ppt
Chris Leuer (SungardHE)
Financial Aid Self Service Financial Aid Award Letter Carol Linsley (SungardHE)
Student CCCTran - Implementation and integration with Banner CCCTran is the California Community Colleges statewide internet-based system for requesting, transmitting, tracking, downloading, and viewing academic transcripts.  In this presentation, staff from North Orange CCD and San Mateo CCD will discuss their implementation and integration with Banner. Richard Oberlin (NOCCD), Renee Cowing (San Mateo)
Human Resources HR/Payroll Implementation Tips Baseline innovations will be showcased and shared for the rest of the group to consider. Where possible, innovators will demo their solutions (five to 10 minutes each). Julie Monfette (SungardHE)
General Business Process Analysis (BPA) for experienced Banner clients Learn about SungardHE's new "Step 2" services to review Banner features and gaps in current Banner implementations Jim Tisdale (SungardHE)
Reporting HR Reporting with ODS and Discoverer Discoverer reports and additional views added to the ODS to meet HR's needs. KCCD (Kern) will share their experience migrating banner operational reports to Discoverer/ODS. The presenters will also discuss how using ODS/Discoverer within existing resource structure has resulted in faster report turn around times and easier distribution to users. Geri Wile and Steve Saner (Coast)
General Birds of a Feather with C3SC California Community Colleges Solution Center (C3SC) Accomplishments and Development Initiatives Discussion Mike Reid (SungardHE)
General KCCD's Banner Management Framework
Session Files:
KCCD Management.ppt
KCCD (Kern) has been evolving its Banner Management Framework since implementing Banner over ten years.  The presenter will share the different structures used by KCCD to manage Banner and related systems including what did and didn't work and why.  There will be time for others to share how they are managing their Banner System as well. David Palinsky (Kern CCD)
Finance Finance - new PCI security rules Jon Langolis (SungardHE)
General Strategic Unified Digital Campus Technical presentation on the Strategic Unified Digital Campus with authentication tips and tricks for implementation. Andrew Nagorski (SungardHE)
Student Review of Recent Title V Changes A panel of Chief Admissions and Records Officers (three recent CACCRAO presidents) will describe the processes their colleges have been following for implementing the Title 5 revisions.  Panelists will describe their analysis of the needed processes, their plans for implementation, the required changes in Banner, and their remaining questions/concerns.  CACCRAO (California Association of Community College Registrars and Admissions Officers) played a significant role in distributing information about the changes and co-sponsored two day-long workshops on the subject. Sue Vaughn (Kern), Sherri Hancock (Skyline) and Judy Young (Chabot)
Reporting Integrating Evisions Argos in Banner Job Submission Ted Nguyen and Edgar Coronel (San Mateo CCD)
Technical Storage Options Dave Fuhrman (Ventura County CCD)
Student Using Banner Recruitment Forms This session is a discussion of the Recruitment Module that is a part of Banner Student (not the new EMC suite). Dorothy Marron (SungardHE)
General Shopping Cart / Flexible Registration for continuing education programs SunGard Higher Education's Flexible Registration offering allows institutions to market their non-credit, continuing education programs and allows anyone the ability to access the courses offered, enroll and pay for them directly from their web browser. Flexible Registration can be used by an institution to promote any number of different programs for non-degree seeking students and process admissions, registrations and payment over the web with minimal manual administrative effort. This is an add-in product that SungardHE is offering at additional cost. Dorothy Marron (SungardHE)
Student Assessment Scores interface to Banner Automatic Import/Export the Accuplacer and COMPASS assessment scores data into SOATEST Banner form. Bettsie Montero (Imperial Valley College)
General What's new in Banner 8? (SungardHE)
General Banner Advancement (SungardHE)
General General Navigation: Shortcuts and Tips every Functional user should know Antonio Trepesowsky (SungardHE)
General Workflow and Business Processes Come learn how KCCD (Kern) is implementing Workflow and improving critical business processes.  From training, to creating Workflows, to successful implementation, the presenter will share KCCD's experiences and recommendations for improving your college's business processes. Sean James (Kern CCD)

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