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2010 Conference Presentations


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Are we Setting Up and Processing BOGW the Same Way?

Have you set up the processing of BOGW the way the California Solution Center thought you would?
Have you found a better way or do you know how to make it work better?
We will review the basic set-up with input from any of you who have found a different way of making it work correctly.

Dottie Marron, Principal Student Functional Consultant, SunGardHE

Mollie Delgado, Senior Principal Financial Aid Functional Consultant, SunGardHE


 Releasing Refunds

A detailed look at how issuing refunds, student requested and Financial Aid, can be arranged in Banner.


Antonio Trepesowsky, Student Functional consultant, SunGardHE


 Enhanced Positive Attendance Collection

Mt. San Antonio College developed two enhancements for the collection of positive attendance: 1) weekly collection; and, 2) lab check-in/out attendance. The weekly collection process is used by the Community Education Division. It is a web-based application for faculty to enter attendance hours each week which enables the division to closely track hours and FTES. The lab attendance system is used by both credit and non-credit programs. Students scan the ID's upon entering the lab and scan out when leaving. Attendance hours are rolled to SFRSTCR at the end of the term.


Paulo Madrigal, Interim Director, Community Education, Mt. SAC

Chuong Tran, Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer, Mt. SAC


Planning for Luminis 5 Migration

A high-level demo of Luminis 5 followed by a technical presentation/ discussion of Luminis 5, its five technical components and their interaction, followed by the Baseline delivered integrations. After a strong foundation of what Luminis 5 is, the presentation will move to the steps Foothill DeAnza Community College District will be using to plan its migration and installation of Luminis 5.

Chien Shih, Director, Information Systems and Operations, Foothill DeAnza CCD

Ward Maddux or designee, Senior Technical Consultant, SunGardHE


Direct Loan Processing

Now that Direct Loan is a reality for all colleges the hard work of managing the program has begun. This session is designed to review the day to day requirements for making corrections in Banner, using the new PLUS processing capabilities, sending and receiving files to and from COD loading, Reconciliation…. Join us as we get into the details.


Carol Linsley, Senior Functional Financial Aid Consultant, SunGardHE


Implementing Enhanced Waitlisting in Banner 8

This past year the San Mateo and North Orange County Community College Districts implemented the new enhanced waitlisting feature in Banner 8. Attendees will see a review of the forms used to configure the waitlisting module, learn how the feature was implemented in these two Districts, and hear our experiences and lessons learned.


Bob Hughes, Applications Support Manager, North Orange County CCD

Eric Raznick, ITS Director, San Mateo County CCD


CalPERS XML Reporting: What you Need to Know

CalPERS is instituting a new reporting system in September 2011, introducing a new XML format and new data elements. SGHE California Solution Center has been working closely with focus group members from California Community Colleges and with CalPERS to craft a solution for this new reporting format. Join us to learn about the changes and see Banner CALBHR CalPERS XML solutions.


Jan Wilder, Business Analyst, SunGardHE

California Solution Center CALB HR Focus Group Members


Extending Luminis/Self Service Banner with (1) Oracle APEX and (2) Self-Service Engine

(1) Application Express is a free tool from Oracle for rapid web application development. Sign in to APEX apps through Luminis/Self-Service to access Banner and related data. (2) A demonstration of how to create Banner Self-Service pages using the Self-Service Engine and Process Rules Engine that are new in the CALB 8.3 release.

Presentation - Oracle Apex

Presentation - Self Service Engine

Richard Oberlin, IT Project Leader, North Orange CCD

Adam Howard, System Analyst, Applications, North Orange CCD


Get Out of Line and Go Online!: Meeting Student Needs Effectively and Efficiently in the Financial Aid Office

A Financial Aid panel talks about ways to enhance service to students and cut down on manual processing. In this climate of tight budgets and increasing numbers of student applicants we all need to hear how other colleges plan to “do more with less.” Bring your ideas and problems and join in as we discuss streamlined verification, paperless communication, self service, automated processing, year round Pell and MORE.

Presentation - Part1

Presentation - Part2

Presentation - Part3

Cindy Castillo, Director of Financial Aid & Scholarships, DeAnza College

Mollie Delgado, Senior Principal Financial Aid Functional Consultant, SunGardHE

Kevin Harral, Financial Aid Director, Foothill College

Carol Linsley, Senior Functional Financial Aid Consultant, SunGardHE

Kathryn Linzmeyer, Director, Financial Aid, Chabot College


Salary Planner: A New Approach

After a general review of the functionality, we will discuss the various ways you can push position control information out to departments to assist them with managing their own position budget information. Salary Planner can also be used by end users to obtain lists for various reporting needs.


Julie Monfette, Principal Human Resources Consultant, SunGardHE


Tips and Tricks: Functional

You use Banner every day. Have you ever wondered why on one form Banner behaves one way but on a different form Banner behaves a different way? Do you struggle remembering Banner form names? Do you wish there were a faster way to get records out of Banner? Does using Job Submission cause you stress? This session covers Banner basics, things every Banner user should know, regardless of area. Plus we’ll cover advanced features you probably wished existed and didn’t know they already did (like data extract and advanced queries). Learn to use Banner better. Be empowered.


Additional Handouts

Shortcut Keys

Expert Queries

Data Extraction_Excel

Data Extract

Antonio Trepesowsky, Senior Consultant, SunGardHE


Messaging Through Banner and Luminis

 VCCCD has implemented custom Luminis Smart Events (aka Personal Alerts) triggered by events in Banner, such as drops for unmet prerequisites, drops for non-payment, early alerts, etc. We have also standardized delivery of Smart Events and SMTP emails through a central process via chron. This session will explain the setup of both of these functions, and will include a demo of how they work.

Mike Rose, Senior Programmer/Analyst, Ventura County CCD

Bill Pearce, Principal Consultant, Strata Information Group


Leveraging Financial Aid Self-Service

New functionality for Financial Aid Self-Service was delivered with Financial Aid 7.13 and Banner 8. The North Orange County Community College District has begun using this new feature to streamline the Financial Aid process for students. Students can request bookstore advances and acknowledge terms and conditions on-line, reducing lines and paper processing. This presentation will step through the Banner screens used to set up FA Self-Service and demonstrate how it is being used at NOCCCD.


Bob Hughes, Applications Support Manager, North Orange County CCD


Using Banner Finance for Construction Accounting

 Using Banner Finance’s Grant Module to track and monitor Capital Construction, not just Research Grants (think Prop 39 Bonds), identifying the Banner forms to define such Capital Construction Projects, show how the Expenses and Revenues are tracked, looking at Fiscal Year basis and Grant-Inception-To-date basis over multiple Fiscal Years, discuss possibilities of how to define and track construction Phases, describe how to define the granting agency’s Account Numbers for each Grant, and illustrate the process to associate the agency’s Account Numbers with your Banner Finance Account Codes.

Jon Langlois, Senior Finance Functional Consultant, SunGardHE


Credit Card Payment Systems - Round Table Discussion

Whether you use Official Payments, TouchNet, or another system for processing credit card payments, come to this session to share your questions, problems, challenges, and successes with colleagues from other colleges. IT staff involved in implementing credit card processing systems through Banner, business office staff responsible for reconciliation of payment records with student accounts, A&R staff, cashiers -- all are welcome to join in this discussion.


Edgar Coronel (Facilitator), Associate Director, Information Technology Services, San Mateo County CCD


 Banner Project Management Tools and Tips

This session will cover procedures you can follow when upgrading to a new version of Banner. Steps include planning, testing, and tracking issues and impacts. SGHE will review spreadsheets used for these purposes. VCCCD will demonstrate the use of Trac and Subversion open source packages for managing its Banner 8 upgrade, and for implementing Luminis upgrades.


Mike Rose, Senior Programmer/Analyst, Ventura County CCD

Bill Pearce, Principal Consultant, Strata Information Group

Dottie Marron, Principal Student Consultant, SunGardHE

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